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  • Opening Ceremony of HELI Southeast Asia Co., Ltd..

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The opening ceremony of HELI Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. was held in Bangkok Thailand on May 28th, more than 100 people attended the ceremony, including representatives of Chinese Embassy in Thailand, Thai business people, representatives of various chambers of commerce, HELI dealers from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Myanmar, etc. 


Mr. Zhang Dejin, the president of Anhui Forklift Group, gave a welcome speech. He said that HELI is willing to start this journey with all the people as a new beginning, to build a new future with new opportunity of "One Belt, One Road" Initiative.


At the ceremony, Thai business people, representatives of various chambers of commerce and institutions, delivered the congratulatory speech. All the guests expressed their warm congratulations to HELI Southeast Asia Co., Ltd, and hoped that HELI will seize the historical opportunity and continue to grow and develop in the context of the current "One Belt, One Road" construction.


The establishment of HELI Southeast Asia will greatly enhance the efficiency of sales and service in Southeast Asia territory, provides stronger support and guarantee for regional markets and partners. HELI will further increase its marketing efforts and work closely with partners to increase sales and market share.